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Class Offerings

We have just the class for you and your dance comfort level. If you are unsure which class is for you, you can contact us at

to find the right fit! 


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From the Top! 

The What: This program will help you become more coordinated with

movement and get comfortable with the basics. By the end of this program you will have the fundamentals to execute the most common dance call “type out,” the pirouette.

The Who: From the Top! is designed for absolute beginners, but can be catered to any performer that wants to grow their technique.

The Why: There are many elements that make up a great dancer and a good foundation is the first!

The How: This program meets once a week and is rooted in ballet while also learning the fundamentals of Jazz. Theatre is a melting pot of dance styles and in this program you will learn the essentials of each. Terminology is also imperative when stepping into a dance studio and this can be one of the most difficult aspects of feeling comfortable in class and in auditions. With this program you will learn the common terminology heard in a studio and feel more acclimated with the multifaceted dance world!


The How Much: $160/month membership or $40 per one hour session a week.


The What: This program will be a hybrid of technique class and choreography practice. This is where training the brain becomes a bit more intense. By the end of this program you will have a minute of personalized choreography to use for your dance reel!


The Who: 5-6-7-8 is for any dancer who feels they have a pretty good knowledge of the basics and wants to work on putting it in context with choreography and story telling.

The Why: Technique is important, but what you do with it is key. Learning to apply technique to choreography is critical to being a successful dancer.


The How: These dancers will meet with me once a week. Sessions will include 30 minutes of technique (a combination of ballet and jazz). The last 30 minutes will be spent working on choreography that was drafted to work specifically for you! There will be no time stamp for how long you and I work on a combination together as this is more about application than it is speed and I will be there to coach you every step of the way!


The How Much: $200/month membership or $50 per one hour session a week.

God, I Hope I Get It

The What: This program is designed to prepare you for what happens in the class/audition room and book that show! This program will train you to pick up choreography faster. At the end, you will have a wide range of dance footage for auditions and dance reels!


The Who: This program is for a performer who feels comfortable with dance terminology and technique, but is constantly saying “I just can’t pick up choreography fast enough!”

The Why: The best dancer in the room is the smartest dancer. The hardest part of a dance call is stepping into a room with no prior knowledge of the steps, but having to emulate an entirely new persona while soft-shoeing our way into casting directors hearts… in 15 minutes.

The How: Every other week I will bring in new choreography for you to learn. You get one week to learn and the next week to play the part… and that’s it! Each session will have a 15 minute warm up and 45 minutes of choreography. This choreography is less catered to you and more catered to what I might want that week. Of course I can’t help but keep you in mind when I create, but remember, this is your mock class/audition, so while you will get my undivided attention you will also get a taste of what it means to be the instrument of a choreographer!

The How Much: $200.month membership or $50 per one hour session a week.

Mover Class

The What: This is an IN PERSON class where you get a taste of what training looks like at the professional level.

The Who: This class is made for “movers”  only (I say “movers” because it is the industry standard term, but you all have bodies that dance, therefore you are all dancers!). No professionally trained dancers will be in this space. This class is made for YOU!


The Why: It’s so important to practice spacial awareness with other moving bodies, use (and not use) the mirror and experience what a standard dance class is.


The How: This class is an hour long. We will do a 15 minute warm up and then learn a short combination for the rest of class.

The How Much: $18/per class

Personalized Warm Up

The What: This is a one time purchase where you get to walk away with a personalized warm up! In this warm up we will focus on stretching and strengthening to help get your mind and body ready for any audition, show or busy day it needs to take on.

The Who: This service is for EVERYONE. As performers we all need a staple warm up routine, even when we aren't performing!

The Why: This service will help with injury prevention, foundation setting and stretching/strengthening your body.

The How: Meet with me one time to discuss your needs/goals. In this meeting we will also talk about any injuries you may be working through. You then will send me a playlist of 10 songs that make you feel centered, energized and like a badass. I will take those songs and your goals and create a personal warm up JUST FOR YOU!

The How Much: $60

Can't commit to class each week? No probLem! check out our on demand video content!

Let's Work Together

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