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What is The Dance Call?

The Dance Call is an online private coaching dance studio designed to help performers that are looking to start or continue their dance training. 

Through The Dance Call you will cultivate an environment to help build a sense of comfortability with movement and choreography.

The three programs are outlined to help you grow towards the next steps in your dancing and moving on to crushing your dance auditions!

Want to learn more? Watch this short video to hear more from the creator of The Dance Call, Kathryn Galimi!

Meet your Teacher:

Kathryn Galimi is a musical theatre and ballet based performer from Syracuse. After training seriously in ballet at a young age, Kathryn furthered her dance education at Mercyhurst University earning her BFA in dance and minor in arts administration in 2018. Since graduation, Kathryn has performed various theatre gigs based in New York and Philadelphia as well as tour with Albany Berkshire Ballet’s 2019 and 2021 Nutcracker season. Kathryn is a dance teacher that is passionate about helping students improve their technique while fostering an environment that allows their devotion to the arts to prosper.


Class Offerings

From the Top!


This program will help you become more coordinated with movement and get comfortable with the basics. By the end of this program you will have the fundamentals to execute the most common dance call “type out,” the pirouette.


From the Top! is designed for absolute beginners, but can be catered to any performer that wants to grow their technique.



This program will be a hybrid of technique class and choreography practice. This is where training the brain becomes a bit more intense. By the end of this program you will have a minute of personalized choreography to use for your dance reel!


5-6-7-8 is for any dancer who feels they have a pretty good knowledge of the basics and wants to work on putting it in context with choreography and story telling.

God, I Hope I Get It


This program is designed to prepare you for what happens in the class/audition room and book that show! This program will train you to pick up choreography faster. At the end, you will have a wide range of dance footage for auditions and dance reels!


This program is for a performer who feels comfortable with dance terminology and technique, but is constantly saying “I just can’t pick up choreography fast enough!”

On-Demand Video Content

Can't commit to weekly classes?

No problem! Check out our

on-demand video content instead!

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